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LetUsRead is a private lending library portal using which any private lending library anywhere in India, existing or new, small or big, can go online and serve large number of readers quickly, efficiently, and economically. With its most professional web site and the comprehensive library management software LetUsRead is best positioned to make any lending library successful.
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Top 10 reasons why one should
consider starting a LetUsRead branch

  1. A member-friendly, convenient and economical design.
  2. Designed to promote reading in both children and adults.
  3. Completely customizable library management software with a common catalog.
  4. Fully automated order placing and stock maintenance module.
  5. Delivery route optimization. Deliver to maximum number of members in a single trip.
  6. Online card payment, expense and income reports.
  7. SMS and Email notifications, regular delivery, book requests, referrals, book sharing, reservations, reports and many more features.
  8. Onsite/Online demo of the web site and the library management software.
  9. Proven successful functioning of the Trivandrum branch for many years.
  10. 24x7 customer service.
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