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About Letusread Library

About LetUs group of initiatives

LetUs group is a service-based initiative to offer help in various fields to people to help them save time and money using today’s technology. Started off with LetUsRead in 2013, an online lending library, serving more than 1500 members (as of March 2018), the group has received many accolades from different quarters of society. The functioning style and the relation it keeps with its members exemplify the objectives behind these initiatives. We keep a cordial relation with each of our members and we know each one of them by their name and face, a relation that is far from being just business. We seek feedback, we call them and ask whether they are happy with our services and possibly tailor our services according to their requirements. With LetUsRead we have learned that people are looking for great services and that they accept people who are ready to give it to them professionally, honestly, and economically.

LetUs group of initiatives does not want to take its projects to a pure business level. We want to treat each of our customers on a one-o-one basis and give them the attention they deserve and need. We have people working at different levels and capacity on the entire initiatives. We have a full-fledged development team working from Bangalore and Coimbatore to develop/maintain and monitor our applications and they stand by to jump in whenever help is needed. LetUs group of initiatives will soon have a full-fledged permanent working office with staff to manage all its functionalities.

LetUsConsult and all its group of initiatives are managed by a group of very enthusiastic individuals of varying age and experiences, full-time and part-time, with a common goal that is to offer real help to people using today’s technology. Spearheaded by Anand V Nair, the founder of LetUsRead, LetUsConsult (and its sister initiatives) has a team that work incessant to give professional service to all its members.

Thereafter, we have been trying to identify areas where we can help people, save their time and money however small that field of help is. Since then we have come up with four more areas viz., LetUsPlay, LetUsYoga, LetUsConsult and LetUsEvent. Please check the respective web sites to know more about those projects. Our promise is that our members always receive professional responses from us every time they contact us and our motto is to do the thing we are doing best at the first time, second time all the time and every time.

LetUsRead is an offline/online lending library located in the city of Trivandrum. Members can either visit the library to borrow books or order line and the books will be delivered anywhere within the Trivandrum city. The library promotes reading in children working with schools and parents. Through regular deliver feature the library delivers a few children books regularly to children to make reading a regular habit for children.

LetUsConsult is a consultation/appointment booking application that can be used by both doctors and patients. Designed especially for doctors seeing patients in a non-hospital, non-clinic setup, LetUsConsult helps doctors manage their consultation more efficiently and helps patients take appointments online without having to visit doctor’s office. With real-time consultation update patients need to visit doctor’s office only a few minutes before the appointment. This simple but elegant application can be used by any doctor anywhere in India.

LetUsPlay is an adult/children activity centre located in the city of Trivandrum. It comprises of an indoor shuttle court, billiards table and table tennis court and place for various activities for children including a TV room. Online booking facilities will be available for all the three indoor sports. LetUsPlay offers regular weekend and vacation activities for children including various workshops, screening of movies etc.

LetUsYoga is yoga centre for both children and adults under the training of Anand V Nair who has been practicing Yoga for more than a decade. He has received yoga training during his childhood from his father who has been a Yoga guru. After realizing the mesmerizing effects of yoga on his mind and body, Anand wants to promote yoga as a tonic for mind, body and spirit for both adults and children.

LetUsEvent is an online event booking application for various events taking place in different parts of Kerala. Currently people have to stand in long queue to get tickets for events and there is no guarantee he gets one when he reaches the counter. With LetUsEvent, people can comfortably book events online and organizers can manager their events more efficiently and can forecast demand in advance.

People behind the initiatives

Anand V Nair

Passionate about life and books, Anand has always been interested in helping people using his experience he has acquired in his professional life. Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, Anand has left his 20-year stint in professional life working for IBM and other companies in India, USA and UK to start LetUs group of initiatives. He works fulltime with these initiatives and in identifying areas where help can be offered to the society.

Anil Kumar

A long time no-resident Indian, Anil has recently joined our group as a key sponsor of these initiatives after realizing the importance of the work the group is doing. A real philanthropist who has helped many people in his life, Anil immediately offered his help in supporting LetUs knowing the service minded objectives of the projects. A childhood friend of Anand, Anil will be working part-time with LetUs from UAE and India.

Uma Rao

A close friend and associate of Anand, Uma has been a key member from the beginning working with Anand in identifying areas where help can be offered. An IIT graduate and a full-time home maker Uma works from her home at Chennai in various areas of these initiatives such as improving our web sites, coordinating development activities, establishing societal contacts to market the tools we develop etc.

Reshmi Nair

An Economics graduate from Government Women's College, Trivandrum and currently pursuing her MBA in Communication Management from Symbiosis Institute of Media Communication (SIMC) Pune, Reshmi has worked with various doctors in gathering requirements for this application and is instrumental in the write-up of LetUsConsult web pages. After her studies she will be the key person to market LetUsConsult to various doctors in Kerala.

Reshmi Kartha

Reshmi Kartha, an MBA holder from Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore has more than a decade of experience in the field of communication and media relations. A people's person and a communicator who is passionate about helping every client succeed; she brings professionalism in every step of her way. Reshmi will co-ordinate the marketing activities of LetUsConsult in Trivandrum city.

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