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Publication Care

We would like to emphasis the need for the proper handling of the publications that you borrow from LetUsRead. Always consider the borrowed publications as your own. Also give consideration to the successive readers who would be using the publications that are on your hand now and so handle them with care.

A publication's life can be greatly increased if proper care can be taken while reading them. We made the following checklist for our readers' reference in making sure the publications are properly handled.

Handling Guidelines

We Care Our Publications

Our publications are donned with plastic jackets and we deliver them to you in a speical LetUsRead polythene bag to protect them from the elements of nature. After you have read them, please return them in the same bag.

Mishandling Fees

In our continuing effort to give quality publications to our readers, we have the following fees in place as a disincentive to encourage our members to handle our publications with care. The following list gives the kind of damages a publication can suffer and the fees associated with it.

Page Missing - Lost price of the book.
Drawings and Doodles - Minor accidental markings are pardoned. If long and conspicuous markings are present, 50% of the lost-price of the publication is charged.
Food and Drink Marks - Lost price of the book.
Loss of Publication - Lost price of the book.
Dog Eared Bookmarking - 10.00 rupees per incident.
Loss of LetUsRead delivery bag - 20.00 rupees per bag.

Lost prices of publications are available on the circulation-detail page of checked out materials.

All materials will be thoroughly scanned upon return to the library and damages and its fees will be assessed immediately before placing them back to the shelves.

Watch this video!

We have a YouTube video that you can show to your kids to teach them how to handle publications with care.

Enjoy reading our publications!

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Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65