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ACorporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships


LetUsRead’s corporate memberships brings a radical change in the ways corporate library works by enabling companies to provide their employees access to thousands of books and magazines for their professional and personal growth without having to have a library of their own and thus freeing themselves from the hassles of library management, administration effort and savings on space, people process and technology costs.

Companies will be provided with a widget using which they can perform all admin functions required to maintain their corporate memberships such as adding and removing members, requesting new books and magazines and many other including creating various reports.

Companies can specify book categories from which their employees are allowed to borrow books. Employees can request new books and company can approve or disapprove them. Publications are delivered to corporate offices and notifications (Emails and SMS) are sent to employees to come and collect them from collection points available at offices.

Using our corporate membership companies can be part of our initiative to promote reading among children by allowing their employees to check out children books also.

Under the corporate membership agreement any book local or international can be made available to employees.

Corporate memberships are customizable depending on the requirements of the companies.

Consider LetUsRead corporate memberships as your own library but working remotely.

Contact a LetUsRead branch near you to hand over your library management in the safe hands of LetUsRead.

Our Corporate Members


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65