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Letusread - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions



Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to add an address to my membership?

You can add an address to your membership from 'My Addresses' menu available under 'Membership' main menu from your membership home page.

First, click on the 'Add New Address' button.

Second, search and select your location and add your address record.

Now update your address by clicking the pencil icon. Please add a landmark and directions to get your address.

2. How do I pay my dues?

At any time, you will know how much you owe to the library by looking at your account transactions. The negative balance (if any) is what you owe to the library.

You can access your account transactions from the 'My Account Transactions' menu available under the 'Financials' main-menu from your membership home page.

You can pay the due on your account either by using credit/debit cards online or by handing over the money to the person who is delivering books for you. Please remember there is a 7% fee for using cards online.

3. What is pay-on-time (14-day) reading plan?

Pay-on-time is the default plan.

When you check out, books are checked out on pay-on-time plan unless there is a pay-in-advance plan exists.

You have 14 days to read your books.

Aftere 14 days, you can renew your books by paying its reading fee again.

If book is not renewed, there will be a late fee on a daily basis.

4. What is pay-in-advance (monthly) reading plan?

We charge you 170 rupees a month as reading fee in advance as long as you have any of our publications with you.

You can spend this amount any time you want.

There are no due dates or late fees for your books.

This plan is recommended for those who read regularly.

5. How do I return books (and order for more books)?

If you are planning a drop-off, you can visit the library during our working hours and drop-off the book.

If you want the book to be collected from you, go to 'My Checked Out Materials' and click 'Done Reading' action icon for the book you want to return. We will collect the material from you within three business days.

Once you mark the materials as done reading, you will be able to check out more publications.

6. How reservation works?

You can reserve a book that is either in 'Coming Soon' or 'In Circulation' status.

You reserve a book only if you want the book to be automatically and immediately checked out and issued to you when it is available.


1. When I try to register, I am getting a message 'Your Email is already in use', why?

The chances are that someone else is accidently or knowingly try to register with your Email-Id and that is preventing you from registering successfully with LetUsRead. But they cannot go too far. Please wait for a few days and try again. We will delete all non-verified emails from the system three days from the day they are added to the system. If you still cannot register, please contact our customer care.

2. I forgot my LetUsRead login password, how do I retrieve it?

If you forgot your password, please contact us from your registered mobile number or your EmailId.

3. Can I change my login Email Id?

Please give a call to change your login EmailID

4. Can I change my login password?

You can change your password from your profile page.

5. I tried to register with LetUsRead but not receiving registration email, why?

Sometimes the registration confirmation mail go to your junk/spam mail folder. Please check in those folders of your email application and confirm that mails from LetUsRead are not spam.

Material Sharing

1. What is book sharing program?

You as a member of our library could share your personal collection of books with us and get a share of its reading fee credited to your membership account when they are leased.

You can maintain your list of shared books yourself. You can set the books for sale if you want to sell any.

2. When I share a book, what share of its reading-fee or sale-price I get?

The library’s profit-share-rate percentage of the material’s reading fee or sale price is immediately credited to your account as soon as the book is lent or sold.

3. What about late and damage fees of shared books, shall I get a share of those too?

No. Late and damage fees belong to LetUsRead. However, you will get the full lost price if the book is lost in circulation.

4. Can I get my shared books back if I want to?

No. Once the books are given to LetUsRead, they belong to the library and cannot be given back to its owners. If you want to read your materials, you will have to follow the same procedure that you would follow for reading any other publications.

5. What kind of books are accepted from the members as shared books?

We accept only genuine books that are from original publishers and that have ISBN numbers. Books that are in good condition only accepted. LetUsRead can reject a shared book for any reason.

6. I want to share some books with LetUsRead, can they come and collect them from us?

Of Course! Reach us using the 'Contact Us' page using the reason 'Sharing of personal collection of books with LetUsRead' with your details. We are more than happy to come and collect them from your address.


1. How do I become a member of LetUsRead?

You can become a member of LetUsRead by successfully registering as user of the site LetUsRead.in. Your membership is automatically created when your login account is verified. If you have no access to computers, you can contact LetUsRead to add you as a managed member and to create a membership for you.



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Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65