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LetUsRead Franchise Program

About LetUsRead Library Portal

Franchise Head

LetUsRead is a library portal using which any private lending library anywhere in India, existing or new, can go online and serve large number of readers quickly, efficiently, and economically. With its most professional web site and comprehensive admin application LetUsRead is best positioned to make any lending library successful.

Do you know India’s readership base is only second largest in the world? Do you know Indian publishing industry is seeing a new dawn in the recent years? Do you know Indian book market is at an astounding growth path? Statistics shows people still read and the scope of libraries not diminished.A large population of readers still likes to continue to

Franchise Pic1 read books in printed form. With prices of books increasing and e-reading not getting cheaper, borrowing printed books is still a great attraction for many readers.

Do you love books and reading and being a librarian? Why not then start a lending library? We provide you with the state of the art admin application that does 95% of library management. Whether you want a full-fledged library in the heart of the city or a neighborhood library in a residential

area, LetUsRead has all you need to manage your library. With 95% of library management automated in LetUsRead, you could run your library with a minimum staff. For a moderate library you could run your library with just two staff, one for managing the library and the other for delivering the books. If you do not offer delivery services, you yourself can run a moderate library with the help of LetUsRead. Members register themselves online choosing a LetUsRead branch that is closest to them and start borrowing.

How to start?

You don’t need thousands of books to start a lending library. Start with a few hundreds of books and expand your library slowly building a good member base in the process. This is the best way to bring success. If you can give a great service with a smile to your members there is no doubt that you lend more and more as years go by. And with LetUsRead library management application on your side, running a library will be a walk in the park.

Who could start?

Anyone with a passion for books could start a lending library. After all, for anything to be successful passion is an essential ingredient.

Are you a non-working mother who love books and reading? Do you have lot of free time? Why not consider starting a lending library? If you don’t want to start alone, find similar minded women and go ahead. You could run the library from your own home or a rented house. You can combine lending with other activities for children at your library. There is no doubt that families around and far from your neighborhood would love to have a library with activities for their children. We stand by you all the way to make sure you succeed in managing your library. By leaving the library management to LetUsRead, you can concentrate on expanding your readership base and not in maintaining an application for managing your library. Franchise Pic2

Existing Libraries can easily migrate to LetUsRead

Existing libraries who want to join LetUsRead can easily be migrated to LetUsRead. New libraries can use existing catalog and missing catalog can be added in a mass upload. Similarly, member information can also be uploaded in bulk. With minimum downtime LetUsRead makes existing libraries migrate easily to LetUsRead.

Join LetUsRead today and take your library to new heights with its most advanced features. You reach and serve more members than ever before with LetUsRead on your side.

LetUsRead Library Portal

LetUsRead is designed to make each library operating under its framework to function independently of each other. Under LetUsRead portal, each library can maintain their own library name, library parameters and terms & conditions with its members. Each library will also get its own home page and logo.

Each library under LetUsRead portal will be independently owned and operated. There will be no agreement between LetUsRead and members of its portal libraries. Agreement will be between LetUsRead and portal libraries and between libraries and its members.

What LetUsRead offers?


Completely customizable library management interface. Reading plans, reading fees, caution deposit requirements, delivery charges, everything is customizable according the locale, size and needs of libraries.
Branches can use LetUsRead’s master book and magazine catalog eliminating the need for each branch to maintain their own catalog.
Library staff maintenance with role classification and permissions.
Online card payment – members can use their credit/debit cards to make payments to their accounts. Libraries get payment from LetUsRead credited to their account in real-time as soon as payment gateway releases the amount.
SMS notifications.
Fully automated catalog/stock maintenance interface.
Automatic checkout, book requests, referrals, reservations and many other features.
Custom membership home page, library logo, about us and terms and conditions pages within LetUsRead.
Free onsite/remote training and free support 24 hours a day.
'Competitive Reader', a web based program designed to promote reading in children. A sure program to attract many children readers.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give us a call and get started with your lending library or take your existing library to online.


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65