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Reading Promotion Program for Students

Reading Promotion Program for Students

Why Reading Promotion Program?

As you know children of today are spending more and more of their free time with TV,internet and electronic gadgets and less time in reading.For children reading can be as

Franchise Pic1 entertaining as TV and internet but with lots of benefits that TV and internet do not provide. Lack of reading can cause serious damage in the overall makeup of children whereas regular reading help children develop many qualities including self-esteem to be successful in their life along with getting knowledgeable and having fun.

The LetUsRead reading promotion program primarily aims at making books regularly and readily available to children, just as TV and internet are available to them, in an effort to make them spend time with books and to slowly create a lasting reading habits in them.

How Does It Work?

Books selected by various educationists, teachers and parents are issued to students at regular intervals through an automated process built within LetUsRead. Not only this relieve parents from finding time to take their children to libraries but it also provides children with books regularly from around the world on varying themes and subjects. When books are readily available to children the chances are high they spend time with the books and slowly develop reading habits with the support and insistence of parents.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Both fiction and non-fiction books are equally important during a child’s upbringing years. When fiction provides fun and morals and enhances children’s creativity and imagination, non-fiction books such as history, biographies, and encyclopedias help children develop a genuine interest in a particular area. For example a child who is exposed to books on history that has images and thought provoking narrations has more chances of developing interest in history than a child who is not. Kids exposed to books that explain science projects and inventions get ideas and inspiration from such books.

Competitive Reader

To make reading more interesting to children, we are coming up with an exciting and rewarding program called ‘Competitive Reader’.

Franchise Pic1 ‘Competitive Reader’ is a web based program wherein children take a quiz on the books they have read and score points. Similar program called ‘Accelerated Reader’ has proved highly successful in the west in developing reading habits in children. At the end of each school year awards and certificates are given to top scorers in each grade from the participating schools. We believe by making reading fun, competitive and rewarding children will surely develop the much-needed reading habits.

An Appeal to Parents

Reading is not a talent, it is an essential skill. To learn any skill, children need opportunity, support and time. LetUsRead is making an appeal to parents to cognize the benefits of reading and support their children in reading by apportioning their free time appropriately. By letting your children participate in this reading program you are giving them a great opportunity to read great books and to learn an essential skill through an exciting and rewarding program. Reading is a great skill to let go un-nurtured!


Please sign up with LetUsRead using your Email ID. A membership will be created for you.

You should then send the information of your children (Name, Standard and School) to us. We will create no-login memberships for them and attach them to your membership. You will be able to manage their memberships and they will be able to participate in the reading promotion program.

You can give us a call or send us Email at reading@letusread.in to know more about the program and the details of it.

Terms & Conditions

Students must be registered with us in order to participate in the reading promotion program.
Students can be registered only as a child membership of a parent membership (this is done by LetUsRead).
Children below 13 years are not allowed to have a login id.
To take tests, parent must sign-in their child online using child’s Membership Id and Parent’s login password.
Tests can be taken only on those books that are borrowed from LetUsRead.
Test cannot be taken on a book while the book is in checked out status on the parent’s or child’s membership.
The book your child is about to take test should not be available with your child at the time of taking the test.
You or your child should not disclose any of the questions in the tests to anyone.
You should not write down the questions from the test.
Parents should monitor the child while taking test.
Child should not seek help from anyone for answering the questions.
If decided to take a test, child must be prepared to take the complete test. A test cannot be retaken or restarted.
Questions are timed. Next question will be automatically displayed after the time shown is elapsed.
Answers to the questions will not be disclosed.
Student’s name, picture, grade and school will be displayed along with their score and rank on our web site.


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65