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Letusread - Members Testimonials

Member Testimonials

A service that is due long since!!

Ramakrishnan T


I am excited with LetUsRead’ s managed memberships! I am 57 and not much familiar with computers. I only need to call LetUsRead to have my membership setup and get the books I want delivered. They sent me my account statement with delivery of each set of books so I always know how my money is spent. LetUsRead’s managed membership is an excellent feature for senior citizens. They sent me the book ‘Karnan’ by Shivaji Sawant within two days of my request and I got SMS notified when the book is added to their stock. I am really excited because now I can read any book at the comforts of my home without ever having to leave my home all with just one single phone call!!!

Member-friendly, inexpensive and convenient library as they say - I cannot agree more!

Reshmi Kartha


Our 6-year-old little girl is a happy reader today, thanks to you. This is just the thing I wanted, nothing more nothing less..love the service! Awesome at-a-glance information about my library account, books at your doorsteps, be it new or old you just have to ask - they are ready to get it for you. I just want to pat on your back for coming up with this wonderful concept and promote reading. Thank you for being there and wishing you all the very best in every possible way :)

I am the third member to join LetUsRead and I cannot ask for more!

Achyuthan Jyotheendarnayar


I am an avid reader and I was wondering, after retiring from regular employment and coming down to Trivandrum, how I could meet the rising cost of books. So as soon as I came to know that there is going to be an Online Lending Library, I was thrilled and immediately joined. LetUs Read deserves thanks for such a tidy and professional website and it exceeds my expectation. I am a regular from the first day I joined the library and is full of appreciation about the way it is being run.

To sum up may I quote Ms Jo Walton the science fiction writer who said “ Libraries are wonderful.They are better than Bookshops.I mean bookshops make a profit on selling you books, but libraries just sit there lending you books quietly out of the goodness of their hearts”

I wish LetUs Read all the best and recommends it to all book lovers both Children & adults.

Wonderful idea neatly executed!

Ann Andrews


Came to know of this library from a friend. Joined up as soon as it could. It has an online catalog which other libraries still doesnt have and they have once a month free delivery.......this is a God send !! Also, they choose the books for the kids if we let them know the kids age and my kids have been loving their choices and getting exposed to books they would otherwise not have chosen for themselves. In one word, Awesome !! Go for it !!

Comprehensive and wonderful library

Dr. Jairaj M. P.


Although i am a member of an offline lending library in Thiruvananthapuram, i decided to join LetUsRead lending library after seeing its beautiful site.The website is easy to use and is comprehensive.I paid a personal visit to the library and the owner was very cooperative and clarified my doubts.I find that most of the latest books are available and i can always request to get new books / magazines. I wish the library all success and encourage all book lovers to join the library.

Reviving the reading habits...

Jeevan Sree


I have gone through all your site and found very good. Just started my membership and checked out a book. Based on other testimonials and Mathrubhumi's 'Out of the box' program LetUsRead has to be good. If they are able to live up to members expectations, then they can be successful. What more members want if LetUsRead is promising that they deliver any book members want?

Good luck to LetUsRead!

Is the reading habit on the decline?

Suman Nair


Is the reading habit on the decline? I do not think so. When you look at the Indian publishing industry, the future is bright for all the booking loving people. More and more international publishers are flocking in India to get their books published. New generation Indian authors are making a huge impact on Indian books industry. At the same time, price of books are not getting cheaper nor the electronic versions. For serious readers, lending libraries are the only comfort.

Trivandrum is growing accompanied by congestion, pollution, crime. It is true that business on internet is going to flourish in the coming years and decades and so I think for LetUsRead it is only a matter of time before people flock for memberships. As far I know Trivandrum has a big reading population and LetUsRead need to tap at it through advertising and campaigning not forgetting the fact the cost involved.

I am also of the opinion that lot of people still want to visit a library for checking out books at least for the first few times. When I visited LetUsRead, I felt the narrow space between shelves hard to perambulate. I think they need to relocate to a residential area and provide a little more space for the books.

I am a doctor and I still find time to read and LetUsRead comes as a great relief to me as it deliver books at my doorsteps.

Exceeds my expectations!

Ramani Iyer


Online borrowing is a great idea to those who are pressed for time and thanks to LetUsRead for such a neat, useful and professional web site!

I worked for a long time in Bangalore and I know how useful online borrowing is in a big city. LetUsRead did not disappoint me in my expectations on an online lending library. They have an excellent collection of latest and greatest fictions and a good collection of children literature. Though there is a learning curve to use their web site in the beginning, their web interface is excellent and I think as they claim they are the best in India.

They requested a testimonial from me and I have no qualms in giving one. I wish LetUsRead all the best and I am more than happy to tell my friends and colleagues about them.

Fully satisfied (so far)

Renjan Thomas


Great concept, excellent implementation and professional service; that is the quint essence of my experience with LetUsRead so far. For the last many years I have almost shut myself from reading simply because of the hassle involved in driving to a library and resorted to buying selective books because of the price of books. I was wondering why someone cannot start an online lending library in Trivandrum like in Bangalore and Bombay, when all of a sudden there it is in the form of LetUsRead. Thanks to God!

My children are very excited when they receive the first set of Geronimo Stilton books. Their school library is poorly stocked and has no good books at all. They requested many books to LetUsRead and they have added all of them to their stock! I think children will be especially delighted to have LetUsRead on their side.

I need to reiterate their excellent customer service. They called me many times and made sure I am happy with their service. Let me also tell you that their web site is professional and looks in par with other great web sites! All the best to the fledgling LetUsRead!


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65


Questions? Need Help? Call Us Without Hesitating 97-44-26-19-65