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Benefits of Reading

Enjoy the Many Therapeutic Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

When was the last time you read a book? Do your daily life centres around TV, tweets, Facebook and or brooding, gossiping and loitering? If you’re one of those people who don’t read regularly, you might be missing out a lot. You are not reading now may be because your parents have never insisted that you must read when you were a child. But, don’t let that happen to the next generation. Starting today, make a habit that you read regularly and more importantly make your children read. Reading has a significant number of benefits.

Why children must read?

There were days when there are no TVs or electronic gadgets. Those times children grew up reading books. Now with the advent of electronic media, reading has drastically come down among kids. They are spending most of their free time in front of TVs and other electronic gadgets with serious consequences. We must understand that reading is one of the most important fundamental skills children must master to succeed in school as well as in life. Reading is the best practice to stimulate intellectual development in children. Some of the well-known benefits of reading on children are given below.

Why adults must read too?

Make your children read from today!

All the benefits and needs that we discussed here bolster the dire need for children to start reading from an early age. Parents need to understand these benefits and the necessity of reading and take conscious effort to make their children read.

Here is some food for thought. While most of us have no qualms in having cable connection at our homes that cost five thousand rupees or more a year to which kids spend most of their free time, not many of us are making the much needed and useful books available to our children for reading! Think about it. Instead of letting they spend all their free time in front of TV, make them read regularly too. Apportion their free time between TV and reading among other activities. Unless parents take a conscious effort to make their children read they never cultivate the habit of reading. You may not see an immediate increase in their grades or change in their behaviour but in the long run you are definitely going to see a positive change in their attitude and character.

How LetUsRead can help?

LetUsRead has a growing collection of books enriched by latest and greatest books both in fiction and non-fiction categories for both kids and adults.

Members will get to read any book they want to read! If a book that our members want to read is not available with us, just request us and we will get the book for them.

If parents do not know what books are appropriate for their children, we will work with them to help select right books for their children that are age and gender appropriate.

Our Recommendation

Start a pay-in-advance plan with us wherein you keep paying us 170 rupees a month as reading fee and spend this reading fee any time you want by checking out books when you are ready to read. Under this scheme, you can keep our books as long as you want and there are no due dates or late fees for them! When you are done reading you can check out next set of books while returning old ones. There is no need for you to read regularly. Any unused reading fee remains in your plan and you can use them any time you want.

For a price that is much cheaper than a cable connection, you can provide hundreds of great books to your children through LetUsRead every year. Start a membership with us today either by signing up online or by giving us a call. We will help you set up a membership and help you choose the best plan for you!

Do not procrastinate! Start reading today!

Together we can develop a new generation of kids who will read for their good and for the world around them!

Benefits of Reading

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